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Columbia, SC 29205

Aria Dal Molin

Aria Dal Molin is an ex-lacrosse player, beach volleyball enthusiast, swimmer, dancer-turned-yogini. As a former athlete, she was first attracted to the practice of yoga because of the physical benefits, but yoga simultaneously helps me combat stress and mental fatigue. In 2013, she signed up almost immediately for teacher training at Core Power Yoga in Santa Barbara, CA; receiving my first 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification. Addicted to learning more about this ancient practice, she earned my 80-hour Yoga Alliance certification in restorative Yin Yoga as well as my certification in Yoga Sculpt (yoga with weights!) in 2014. Her words of wisdom to all would be "Don’t take yourself too seriously. Expect to be challenged, energized, and rejuvenated in my light-hearted, playful yoga classes. Smile…it’s just YOGA!"

Aria Dal Molin instructs the following:
  • Power Hour
  • Power Hour incorporates fluid, powerful yoga with core-stabilization and dynamic flexibility. This class will get your heart rate up, have you sweating and leave you feeling both worked and rejuvenated.
    Set to an energizing playlist, Power Hour will work every muscle in the body through movement and breath. Power Hour is a perfect supplement to your current workout routine. Taking this class at least once a week will aid in injury prevention, stress reduction and help you excel in your other workouts.
    Our Power Hour teachers are RYT certified, love a good sweat, and know how to deliver a powerful JSF class!

  • Yoga + Weights
  • Yoga + Weights is a 55 minute class that builds on the foundations of traditional yoga asana/posture practice and works with equal amounts of flexibility, strengthen training, core exercise and balance. This class efficiently addresses current and modern day physical challenges and habits by enhancing muscle awareness and developing integrated flexibility. The class stays true to the yoga tradition while encouraging the student to create mental and physical self awareness through the addition of 5 lbs hand weights. The weighted movements challenge the student to be present and completely engaged for the entire class.