702 Cross Hill Rd. Suite 300-B
Columbia, SC 29205

Micaela Jones

Micaela has always had a passion for fitness. She grew up playing sports, majored in Exercise Science in college and recently obtained her personal training certification. Micaela is making a career out of using her knowledge of health, wellness, and exercise to help others achieve their goals.

Micaela's best advice to clients? "Everyone is different and everyone’s body is unique. No matter what your goal, it is achievable and the key is to stay positive and find what will keep you motivated. What you put in is what you will get out. If you want real results, be willing to put in real effort."

Micaela Jones instructs the following:
  • Are you in a hurry but need High Intensity and amazing workout results?  50% weights, 50% cardio. Think Weights and Cardio on steroids! An hour's worth of work in 45 minutes or less.  Props used: dumbells, Bosu trainer, and medicine ball.