702 Cross Hill Rd. Suite 300-B
Columbia, SC 29205

Thomas Ocean

Thomas grew up playing basketball and football. While in college he began weight training with his roommate and quickly became passionate about the transformation of his body and health. He still does weight training and/or cardiovascular exercises daily. Thomas is a certified personal trainer through the National Exercise and Sports Trainers program.

Thomas’ advice to clients regarding health and wellness? Staying active and working out regularly can really improve your overall quality of life, such as boosting the immune system, increasing energy levels, and can help reduce stress. So just do it!

Thomas says his classes are fun, but effective, so come ready to work hard!

Thomas Ocean instructs the following:
  • This weight training class is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Our skilled instructors take you through a full-body weight training session in 45 minutes and finishing with a set of TABATA cardio! This class focuses on proper form and helping you, the client, master the basic mechanics behind strength exercises. Advanced participants can use this class as an opportunity to lift heavier and push beyond strength plateaus. Props used: dumbbells, medicine ball, Bosu trainers.