702 Cross Hill Rd. Suite 300-B
Columbia, SC 29205

Alice Le

Alice grew up here in Columbia and went to USC where she earned a degree in biology. Alice has always had an interest in fitness, but after college it became a bigger part of her life as she obtained her yoga teacher certification.
Alice is excited to be able to share her love of yoga with the JSF clients. Her words of wisdom to those taking her classes? Challenge yourself, because you CAN do it!

Alice Le instructs the following:
  • Power Hour
  • Power Hour incorporates fluid, powerful yoga with core-stabilization and dynamic flexibility. This class will get your heart rate up, have you sweating and leave you feeling both worked and rejuvenated.
    Set to an energizing playlist, Power Hour will work every muscle in the body through movement and breath. Power Hour is a perfect supplement to your current workout routine. Taking this class at least once a week will aid in injury prevention, stress reduction and help you excel in your other workouts.
    Our Power Hour teachers are RYT certified, love a good sweat, and know how to deliver a powerful JSF class!

  • FLEX
  • FLEX is a 100% full-body stretch class. There are three key components to any exercise regimen: strength, cardio and flexibillity. If your routine is missing the flexbility piece, this class is exactly what you need!

    Stretching lengthens your muscles, aiding in recovery, reducing soreness and helping to prevent injury. In FLEX, you will hold deep stretches, helping your body get the proper rest it needs.