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Libby Rosinski

Libby is a student at USC from Chicago, studying Exercise Science. She has done competitive cheerleading her whole life up until college. She has always had a passion for exercising and finding new ways to workout. Her love for health and wellness is what led her to pursue a degree in Exercise Science.

When asked to give guidance to clients about health and wellness she stated, "Do it for yourself! No better motivation to treat your body right than the way it feels when you do so. And to always keep in mind that everyone has a different body, you should never compare yourself and your progress to any one else’s".
Libby decided to become an instructor at JSF because of her passion for fitness. She has always loved working out and loves the opportunity to share that passion with others.
Libby's words of wisdom for anyone taking her classes is, "always push yourself a little harder and give all your effort to whatever exercise you’re doing! Your body is capable of so much more than what you may think and it is so important to give all you can to your workout. You will never regret working harder!"

Libby Rosinski instructs the following:
  • Are you in a hurry but need High Intensity and amazing workout results?  50% weights, 50% cardio. Think Weights and Cardio on steroids! An hour's worth of work in 45 minutes or less.  Props used: dumbells, Bosu trainer, and medicine ball.

  • Afterburn is an innovative, circuit-style class that utilizes rowing machines. The class is based around your MyZone belt, pushing you to stay in the "Afterburn" zone. Moving through 7 different circuits, you will get a full-body workout that is guaranteed to give your day a boost!