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About Our Registered Dietitians

The Registered Dietitians at JSF have combined over 25 years of clinical experience. They have consulted with and formulated meal plans for hundreds of individuals with varying dietary needs.

Do you have a condition such as Crohn’s Disease or Diabetes that puts strict limitations on your diet? Maybe you just want feel more energetic and live a healthier life everyday. Or, maybe you do want to lose some weight, the healthy way; be it 100 pounds or that last stubborn five pounds.

No matter where you fall, a sound nutrition plan is the answer. Our Dietitians can help you design a diet that fits your personal needs and helps you reach and maintain your wellness goals

Metabolic Testing

Our Registered Dietician uses a BodyGem metabolic test to determine your resting caloric expenditure. This device measures the rate of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production, which shows the rate at which your body burns calories. The actual test is simple to administer and takes only 7-10 minutes. This test will accurately determine your caloric needs. In addition, you will have a chance to discuss the results of the test with our Registered Dietitian.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain a healthy weight while you train, the BodyGem metabolic test will give you an accurate baseline for the creation of a healthy, effective meal plan.

Metabolic test including 3-page print out and discussion of results with Registered Dietitian: $99


Metabolic Testing plus 45-minute consultation with Registered Dietitian and meal plans

This package gets you all of the benefits of the metabolic test, plus an in-depth consultation with our Registered Dietitian. In your consultation, you will discuss your goals and gain real, detailed guidance on how to reach them.

Following the metabolic test and consultation, our RD will formulate meal plans for you to follow. These meal plans will be tailored to your caloric needs and will take into consideration your taste preferences and lifestyle. If you are serious about reaching your wellness goals, this is a step you cannot afford to skip.

Metabolic Testing plus 45-minute consultation with Registered Dietitian and three days' worth of meal plans: $299


Medical Body Composition Analyzer

JSF offers assessments with the state-of-the-art Medical Body Composition Analyzer tool. Be one of the first to utilize this ground-breaking technology. Registered Dietician Mary Ann Grainger conducts the assessment, which will tell you:

  • Fat mass (what your percentage of body fat is)
  • Muscle mass (how many pounds of muscle you have)
  • Segmental analysis of muscle groups (arms, legs, trunk) (you'll learn how your muscle mass is distributed so you become aware of muscle imbalances or weakness)
  • Body water levels (how hydrated you are)
  • Phase angle (the Phase Angle shows the overall health of your cells. A low phase angle may suggest: insufficient recovery, over training, inadequate nutrition or inflammatory reactions)

Experience where fitness and wellness is headed. The Medical Body Composition Analyzer will give you the most precise measurements available.

To learn more and/or schedule an assessment, contact Mary Ann Grainger at 803-447-8080.


Single assessment: $160

Two assessments: $290 (this option is perfect for those beginning a workout and/or nutrition program and want to see the progress made with a pre- and post assessment)


Purge your Pantry!

Have you made a decision to start eating healthier? Why not start by getting rid of all of the unhealthy items in your home? Our Registered Dietitian, Mary Ann Grainger, will come to your home and tell you what items need to go, what can stay, and leave you with a list of what to buy.

Mary Ann will spend time discussing you and your family's unique needs (food allergies, food preferences, etc...) and will give guidance based on that. This is the perfect start towards a healthier diet for you and your family in 2017.

Cost is $200

Meal Delivery Services:

JSF can arrange for fresh, healthy meals to be delivered to your home or our studio for you to pick up on a weekly basis. These wholesome and delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners are prepared by a local chef and are personalized to meet your tastes and calorie needs.

Breakfasts start at $8, lunches at $12 and dinners at $18


Additional services:Jamie Scott Fitness Healthy Cooking

Creation of grocery list based on meal plan. Our Registered Dietitian will formulate your grocery list for you. Your grocery list will be based on your meal plans. $79

Grocery shopping with our Registered Dietitian. Spend an hour grocery shopping at Whole Foods under the guidance of our RD. Discuss everything from how to read nutrition labels, to which isles to skip. $175

Creation of grocery list and shopping with our Registered Dietitian: $199

Get started on the path to healthier living today! To find out more about JSF’s nutrition services, including meal delivery services, or to set up a consultation, call us at 803.400.1215 or email nutrition@jamiescottfitness.com.