Easing of muscle pain

Whether you’ve overdone it in the studio, or you suffer from long-term or chronic muscle or joint pain, Swedish massage can help to alleviate pain. Our JSF massage therapist can target particular pain points, reducing the muscle tension in the area, allowing pain to ease.

Increased blood circulation

The different massage techniques improve blood circulation to the areas being worked on. This has a number of different benefits. The increased warmth is soothing and eases sore muscles. But it also helps your body to drain away the toxins we all store up simply through everyday life. The massage will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, afterwards you may experience a real boost in energy as a result of increased blood circulation. Blood circulation helps improve recovery, as fresh oxygenated blood flows more easily to the area.

Increased range of movement

By gently working the ligaments and muscles, this massage can help to improve your range of movement. The joints are able to release their natural lubricants. In addition, our massage therapist may incorporate some gentle stretches into your massage, and these too can help to improve your range of movement.

Reduction in physical stress

Stress can cause our muscles to tense; we’re bracing for the fight or flight response. However, we need to take care to allow our muscles to relax again, discharging the tension when we haven’t fought or run! Swedish massage alleviates the tension, allowing the muscles to relax and removing the imprint of physical stress. In turn, this can also help improve your posture as muscles are no longer forced to overcompensate. Many people find that Swedish massage relieves tension headaches.

Aids immunity

Regular Swedish massage has been shown to support and aid a healthy immune system. This is most likely a by-product of the fact that the massage de-stresses the body.

60 Minute Swedish Massage Sessions