Who is Jamie Scott?

Jamie Scott is a lifelong fitness advocate with a community-focused approach to health and wellness. Certified by American Fitness Professionals as a Strength Trainer and Nutrition Wellness consultant, Jamie earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of South Carolina along with a Masters in Education and Education Specialist Degree from South Carolina State University. He is also an award-winning athlete who played for the University of South Carolina.

What is JSF?

Jamie Scott Fitness launched in 2008 as a small personal training and corporate wellness consulting business. Since then, JSF has grown into a boutique gym located in Cross Hill Market in Columbia, SC and the South End area in Charlotte, NC. With continuing education, cutting edge classes and evolving programming, JSF is the most progressive, inspirational and innovative boutique gym in the region. JSF offers nutrition counseling, fitness classes, specialized camps and personal training.

Throughout all of his efforts, Jamie is guided by his own personal philosophy that leading a life of wellness translates to a life well lived.