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Engaging Class Variety

At Jamie Scott Fitness, we have a class for everyone. We offer everything from TRX Circuits to Cycle + Yoga. Be sure to check out our schedule for times and locations for the JSF Studio nearest you!

Passionate Motivators

We're here to MOTIVATE you to wellness! Do you think it has what it takes to lead people to wellness? Contact

MYZONE Heart Rate Monitor

Myzone (MZ-3) has an accurate bpm measurements, calorie burn, max heart rate calculation and the all-important MyZone Effort Points (MEP's) you will be able to track your cardio fitness.

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    Jamie Scott Fitness offers the most diverse and effective group fitness classes that you will find anywhere. Whether its strength training, cardio, flexibility, or a combination of all three that you are looking for, JSF has the classes you need for a well-rounded and fun fitness routine. JSF offers a group fitness experience unlike any you've had before.

    Strength Training
    Purely Heart
    Body Conditioning
    Tone & Burn
    Flexibility/ Mobility

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      • Jamie Scott Fitness

        200 West Tremont Avenue
        Charlotte, NC 28203


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        Charlotte Phone: (980) 299-1814

        Mon: 5:15AM-8:15PM
        Tue: 5:15AM-8:15PM
        Wed: 5:15AM-8:15PM
        Thu: 5:15AM-8:15PM
        Fri: 5:15AM-6:00PM
        Sat: 7:00AM-12:30PM
        Sun: 2:00PM-6:00PM

      • Jamie Scott Fitness

        702 Cross Hill Road
        Suite 300-B
        Columbia, SC 29205


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        Columbia Phone: (803) 400-1215

        Mon: 5:15AM - 8:15PM
        Tue: 5:15AM - 8:15PM
        Wed: 5:15AM - 8:15PM
        Thu: 5:15AM - 8:15PM
        Fri: 5:15AM - 6:00PM
        Sat: 7:00AM - 12:30PM
        Sun: 2:00PM - 6:00PM