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FITvantage provides the perfect ideal partnership of fitness expertise and practical application. Our goal is to understand your environment and team members. With that, we will determine your needs and provide practical, effective wellness solutions. Designed to work as an interdisciplinary team, FITvantage achieves measurable resolute the JSF-proven way.

FitVantage Clients:


Designed, implemented and facilitated interactive community wellness curriculum which involved nutritional counseling and exercise.


Designed and facilitated construction of wellness centers in Bethesda and Columbia.


Designed, facilitated in-house training programs for employees after gauging employees interest and creating a wellness environment that was conducive to their interest.


Created, implemented and managed a facility exercise program for over 15+ tenants. Curriculum included high intensity classes, outdoor classes and interval treadmill work.


Created and staff a multiracial fitness program that included high intensity classes, yoga, and outdoor bodyweight training.


Designed fitness sports performance center for Hammond School. Created preseason, in-season and post season training manuals for 16 sports.

On-site education:
  • Wellness lectures/seminars
    • Can accommodate groups of all sizes
    • One-time event or a series
    • Any range of topics (i.e. nutrition, fitness, stress reduction, etc…)
  • Instructional demos on equipment in your company’s exercise room
    • Many companies have gyms that are underutilized due to employees’ lack of knowledge on how to utilize them
    • Provide instructional sessions in company gym
    • Can additionally create instructional materials for employees

Fitness/Exercise Programs:
  • Group Fitness, inside, with no equipment:
    • Can provide a range of group fitness classes on site inside (zumba, pilates, yoga, body weight circuits, stretching, etc.)
    • size of the space would dictate the number that could be accommodated
  • Group Fitness, outside, with no equipment:
    • Can provide a range of group fitness classes and programs in outdoor spaces that are easily accessible to employees (bootcamp-style outdoor classes, running groups, outdoor yoga, etc.)
  • Small Group Personal Training, inside, at office gym/exercise room:
    • participants are taken through small group personal training sessions
    • participants are given personal attention and guidance
  • Catalog of Workout Programs
    • catalog system provides workouts for participants to use as they workout independently
    • the workouts are designed around the equipment available in the company workout room

Wellness Planning
  • We can create a corporate wellness calendar for the year and manage the events within it
    • company-wide “biggest loser” competitions, identifying road races in which employees can participate, finding local health fairs, make arrangements for speakers, etc.

Fitness Facility Design

We can design an on-site fitness facility to meet the needs of your company. We have designed facilities throughout the Southeast and are willing to work with your company wherever you may be located.

FitVantage experts understand that every company has different needs and we will work with you to design the best possible program for your organization. Start your personalized and practical plan for wellness. Contact Jamie Scott at Jamie@jamiescottfitness.com.
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"When we implemented our corporate fitness program at EDENS, we expected to achieve certain results like healthier employees, fewer health-related absences and reduced health care costs. However, the most important results for our company were the increased productivity attributable to the team building and camaraderie, and the increased physical and intellectual energy."
- Terry S. Brown, CEO - EDENS

“"When Technetics Group contracted with JSF Corporate Solutions to provide a fitness program and equipment we hoped to enrich our employees quality of work life and improve their health and fitness. Since implementation of the program, participation and excitement have increased steadily. Our employees have lost weight, improved fitness levels, athletic and work performance! They’ve done this with quality equipment and great instructors who have motivated and challenged them to improve. BHS has been with us every step of way, helping us adapt our programs to meet employees’ needs and encourage others to participate.”"
- Gilles Hudon, President, Technetics Group


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