Being physically active during pregnancy offers women many health benefits, among them a psychological lift, optimal weight gain and better aerobic fitness. Exercise provides innumerable benefits before, during and after pregnancy.

Our certified perinatal trainer will enhance your well being, while coaching you to help your body prepare and "train for the main event.

1st trimester

Weeks 8-13 (6 weeks)

  • prenatal consultation by certified trainer
  • nutrition consultation can be added for an additional cost
  • 6 week unlimited membership *classes are determined by the trainer
  • 1 private training session per week

2nd trimester
1 training/week OR 2 trainings/week

Weeks 14-27

  • focus on balance, core, strength, and cardiorespiratory fitness
  • 2 personal training sessions/week
  • 1 class or Pilates session/week
  • 2nd tri consultation to check in

3rd trimester
1 training/week OR 2 trainings/week

Weeks 28-36

  • focus on balance, core, maintaining strength gained from previous trimester, mind/body awareness, and mental health preparing for baby
  • 2 training sessions/week
  • 3rd tri consultation to check in


6 week plan *ideally 7 through 12 weeks postpartum

2 options
Option 1: 2 training sessions/week and 1 group class
Option2: 1 training session/week and 2 group classes
- Focus on deep core and pelvic floor work, regaining strength, balance, and cardiorespiratory levels