Jamie Scott Fitness is a boutique-style gym offering unique group fitness classes, personal training and nutrition services.

Jamie Scott Fitness takes "A Different Approach to Wellness," offering effective, results-driven programming that keeps you motivated as you continually strive toward your personal goals.

Step 1

Understand the function of food.

In order to master this step you must understand the:

  • Quality (nutrient density) of foods
  • Quantity or volume of foods that you need
  • Timing/combination of foods that will help you reach your health goals
  • Importance of fueling your body to treat and prevent chronic diseases

Step 2

Incorporate foods/nutrients to help promote health.

  • Meal planning, shopping lists and recipes to incorporate into your weekly routine
  • Planning for meals on the go and/or away from home
  • Nutrition/food education of specific health promoting foods
  • Learn how intuitive eating can help free you from current restrictive/diet culture

Step 3

Practice, practice, practice.

  • Meal preparation, shopping lists and more advanced meal plans
  • Support long-term behavior changes, overcome obstacles
  • Continue meal planning, food and recipe inclusion
  • Practice intuitive/mindful eating


  • Nutrition & Fitness Consultation Only - $169 members, $199 non-members
  • Consultation Only- $125
  • Metabolic Test Only- $130
  • Consultation and Meal Plans- $249
  • Metabolic Test and Consultation- $229
  • Metabolic Test, Consultation, and Meal Plan- $325
  • Grocery Shopping with Nutritionist- $199


Mary Ann Grainger MS, RDN, LDN Mary Ann is a graduate of Miami University and has been a Registered Dietitian since 1992. She completed her dietetic internship at Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2007, she obtained her masters degree in Human Nutrition from Winthrop University. She also has a certificate of training in Obesity Interventions for Adults by the Commission on Dietetic Registration in 2015. Mary Ann has been employed by Providence Hospital as a clinical and cardiac rehab dietitian. She also worked for DHEC in their Children's Rehabilitative Services and BabyNet Programs. She has been featured on several nutrition segments on WIS- TV, an NBC-affiliated television station in Columbia, South Carolina.

She has been involved in the community, giving lectures and presentations to schools, churches, exercise groups, and other community organizations. Mary Ann additionally compiled menus for football players who were training for the 2012 NFL Combine.

As an active member in the fitness community Mary Ann has completed a one day 30 mile hike for cancer research in 2018 & 2019, multiple 10Ks, the two mile Dam Swim for Drew 3 times, completed several triathlons and paddle board races.


One-on-one nutrition counseling is done in person at either the Columbia or Charlotte JSF locations. Our dietitians will give you a complete nutrition assessment and work with you to create a plan that matches with your health goals and lifestyle.


  • Realistic and personal recommendations that take into consideration your life and goals - that means no fad diets, detoxes, or cleansing!
  • Quick and immediate feedback - telehealth technology has made it easy to communicate with your nutritionist in real time (what should I order at this restaurant? Is this bread whole-grain? How much sodium is too much?)
  • Long-lasting lifestyle change - learn how to eat more of the foods you need for health and maximize your satisfaction of the foods you love.


A 3 month long personalized program just for you; including 2 personal training sessions, one 60min assessment with a registered dietitian (complete with starter meal plan), two 15min nutrition check-ins and two virtual workouts per month. The end result: individual nutrition recommendations, a realistic and effective workout routine, and hopefully a happy, healthier you!


Our premier three month personalized program designed to take your wellness to the next level includes individualized nutrition support paired with personal training. Program includes an initial nutrition assessment with a registered dietitian (complete with starter meal plan), 6 15 min nutrition follow up sessions, 6 personal training sessions, and 6 virtual workouts. The end result: a new lifestyle that includes a realistic and effective nutrition and workout routine, and a happy, healthier you!

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